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Oatmeal Mask for Acne

Combine 1 tbsp. of plain oatmeal with 2 tbsp. of honey and mix well until it turns into a paste. Stir in a few drops of aloe vera or jojoba oil, which will moisturize and soothe skin. Massage onto your skin for 30 seconds and allow to sit until the paste is fully dry—about 15 minutes. Wash the mask off with tepid water and a washcloth. Be sure not to scrub your skin.

Baking Soda Mask to Fight Acne

Baking Soda (NOT baking powder) and water.

Mix a little together in your hands after washing your face with a mild cleanser and apply gently to your skin. Once you’ve coated your face with the baking soda and water mix, let it sit while you do other things around the house, or relax and read a book.

Rinse the baking soda film off your face and feel how soft and clear it feels. If your skin enjoys this recipe, and your acne improves, then you may try it several times a week to help clear your acne.

Best homemade spa treatments


4 Tbsp. fresh chopped herbs or 2 Tbsp. dried herbs
1/2 c. spring water
1 c. baby shampoo

For Dry Hair:

1 egg
1 tsp. honey
1 tsp. coconut oil

Combine 1 egg, honey and oil. Massage into hair. Leave on 20 minutes, shampoo and rinse thoroughly.

For Oily Hair:

2 parts lemon juice
1 part water

Potato Under Eye Soothers

To Make:

1. Slice 1/4 potato to fit over your eyes.
2. Cut 2 slices or, if you prefer, 5 to 10 very thin slices, several for each eye. Either method works.

To Use:

1. Spritz eye area with water.
2. Lying down, place the potato slices on your eyelids and leave in place for at least 10 minutes for best results.
Pumpkin Enzyme Masque

¼ cup pumpkin purée
1 tbsp plain yogurt
1 tsp grated fresh ginger
3 tsp honey
Juice of 1/2 a lemon

Homemade Bath Spa Treatment

Combine 1/4 cup almonds, 1/4 cup oats, 3 tbsp. cocoa cutter, and 2 tbsp. honey. Leave the mixture on your feet with socks overnight to create a foot mask, according to Spa Index. Wash it off in a hot water foot soak. Enjoy a true spa day by filling your tub with a cup of honey and 4 cups of inexpensive red wine. Soak it in as it clarifies your skin.

Chicago Spa Treatment

Spa treatments are the services that a spa provides. The most popular spa treatment in the United States and a good place to start is massage. It has been around for thousands of years and has a number of health benefits.

Other popular spa treatments include facials and body treatments like salt glows and body wraps.Most spas have a nail salon offering spa manicures and spa pedicures . Spas with salons offer hair cutting and styling services.

Once you’ve tried the basic spa treatments, you might want to branch out to different types of massage like Thai massage , hot stone massage or reflexology. You should talk to your esthetician about what facial services or body treatments would be most appropriate for your skin type.

Avocado Carrot Cream Mask

This mask combines avocados, which are rich in Vitamin E, with carrots, which are high in beta-carotene and antioxidants, and cream, which is high in calcium and protein.  These ingredients will rebuild skin collagen, improve tone and texture, and fade age spots.

1 avocado, mashed
1 carrot, cooked and mashed
1/2 cup heavy cream
1 egg, beaten
3 tablespoons honey

Combine all ingredients in a bowl until smooth.  Spread gently over your face and neck, and leave in place 10-15 minutes.  Rinse with cool water and follow with your favorite toner.

Home Acne Remedies

Acne Remedies
Garlic is known for its anti bacterial properties and makes an excellent acne treatment. Press some garlic into a paste and leave it on your acne and pimples for 15 minutes then rinse off. Another solution is mashed-up honey and apple, applied individually to pimples. Also, try dabbing some tea tree oil on the pimple to dry it out and kill any bacteria.

There are some excellent natural facemask treatments for acne. Try applying a layer of ripe tomato pulp, cooked oatmeal or egg yolk to your face and letting it dry.

Finally, fruits are natural acid exfoliants and can help to get rid of your acne scars. Applying a puree of pineapple for 15 minutes will both freshen you up and reduce the impact of acne marks. Another great solution is lemon juice, but be careful as it can make your skin more sensitive to sunlight.

Affects of smoking on face

The photo above show what will happen to a attractive lady’s face in ten years if she continues to smoke a pack of cigaretts a day for 10 years.  The photos shows a before and after picture.  The results are scary to say the less.  LOng term smoking can cause tooth damage, deep wrinkles, dark under-eye circles, and sagging brow, eyelids, and cheeks. Smoking can also leads to gum disease and tooth loss with 42% of smokers aged over 60 having none of their own teeth. So if you really want to maintain your youth you really need to pay attention to what you put in it and how you treat your body.

High cheekbones – detmatology treatment

High cheeckbones are a desirable physically trait that most people want.  High cheekbones can contribute to a more beautiful face.  They also give facial balance and the higher it is the more youthful you look.  Over time, however, your cheeckbones will descend with your facial contour.  This descent is caused by by the gradual loss of collagen, fat and bone and the cause is age, of course.  However, you can regain volume and height with Radiesee dermal filler.  The results are instant and you can see the immediate three dimensional change in the proportional balance of your face. Demermal fillers act as a substitute for lost collagen and fat.

Radiesse is made of unique calcium based microspheres suspended in an natural gel, a natural bone constituent found in our bodies. It is injected into the skin through a simple, safe and minimally invasive procedure.  These procedure are obtained from a dermatologist.

Cause of dark circles under eye

The skin underneath the eye is very thin and, therefore, blood vessels are much more visible.  These blood vessels cause dark shadows underneath the eye which gives the effect of sunken looking eyes.  This is caused by aging and heredity.

Tips for getting rid of these dark circles under your eyes are:

  • Get enough sleep.  Sleep deprivation makes under eye dark circles more obvious
  • Apply black tea bag or cold compress;this can reduce blood vessel dilations.
  • Wear large sunglasses.  Protecting the eyes from the sun can decrease pigmentation
  • Do not rub the area around the eyes.  It will only make the condition worse.
  • Sleep elevated.  This helps prevent fluids from draining toward the eyes.